Upcoming Events

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KQED participates in many educational events, sharing our free media literacy resources to increase civic engagement and amplify youth voice. From presenting at conferences to hosting virtual events and professional learning webinars, we offer multiple ways to engage with us and our resources. Check out our upcoming events below. We hope to see you there!

Last updated: May 13, 2020



The Gene and Gold Chains: Hidden History of Slavery in California and Eugenics

Online Course
Dates: May 12 | May 14 | May 19 | May 21
Time: 4-5:30pm PDT

In this four-module course for teachers in the Bay Area, participants will explore the history of slavery in California and role that scientific racism played in defending this system. Register here.

Making Video to Build Classroom Community

Online Workshop
View the recording from May 12


Video projects are a powerful way to connect with students and strengthen classroom community whether we are in the same building or learning from a distance. Hear about the impact of a video project in a high school credit recovery English class and start your own video to share with students. You’ll get hands-on experience with Adobe Spark, a basic video creation tool, as well as classroom resources, links to other video tools and connections to further learning with KQED. Video production beginners and experts will leave with something useful for their practice.


Training Webinars

Need help getting started with our distance learning resources? Join one of our free webinars in May.

  • At-Home Learning Resources for Early Learning Educators (30 min), Thursdays
    • Learn about PBS LearningMedia and PBS KIDS resources available for early learning educators. Hosted by PBS SoCal. Register for 10am or 3pm PDT.
  • At-Home Learning Strategies for Early Learning Educators (60 min), Fridays at 10am PDT
    • Integrate evidence-based teaching practices with PBS and PBS KIDS content and support playful learning experiences and media integration to help families create educational opportunities at home. Each webinar will focus on a weekly theme. Hosted by PBS SoCal. Register here.
  • KQED Learn (30 min)
    • Learn how to use KQED Learn, a classroom-based online platform for middle and high school students, to engage and assess student argument-writing and media creation in a distance learning context. This series has ended. View recording.
  • PBS LearningMedia (15 min)
    • Find free videos, lesson plans and more for PreK-12 classrooms. This series has ended. View recording.