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TV Technical Issues

    TV Technical Issues
    • Wed 11/30: planned momentary outages of DT54 over the air signal

      (this is a continuation of the work originally announced for 11/28, which was not completed on Tuesday.) At some point during the morning of Wednesday Nov. 30th, the KQEH transmitter will switch from its main antenna to the auxillary one, to allow for the safety of workers doing maintenance for another TV station on the […]

    • Tues 11/29: DT54 Over the Air Signal restored

      Repairs have been completed on today’s transmitter issue, and the signals for DT54.1 through 54.5 have been restored.

    • Tues 11/29: DT54 Over the Air signal currently down

      (DT54.1 through 54.5) During the course of the work described below, which necessitated moving our outgoing signal from the main antenna to the auxillary antenna, the transmitter suddenly shut down. As of 3:30pm Tues, we do not have an estimated time for repair and return of the Over the Air signals for DT54.1 through 54.5

To view previous issues and how they were resolved, go to our TV Technical Issues page.

KQED DTV Channels



Channels 9.1, 54.2, 25.1
XFINITY 9 and HD 709
Wave 9 and HD 164
DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-verse: Channel # may vary, labeled as KQED, or as KQET in the 831 area code

All HD programs



Channels 54.1, 9.2, 25.2
XFINITY 10 and HD 710
Wave 10
DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-verse: IF this channel provided to customer, channel # may vary, labeled as KQEH

KQED Plus, formerly KTEH



Channel 54.3
Wave 157

Arts, food, how-to, gardening, travel

KQED World

KQED World

Channel 9.3
Wave 156

History, world events, news, science, nature



Channel 54.5 & 25.3
XFINITY 191 & 621
Wave 154

24-hour national Spanish-language network



Channel 54.4
Wave 155

Quality children's programming parents love too

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Schedule Changes

The following changes have taken place since KQED's On Q magazine went to press. Depending on when these changes were made, other print media (newspapers, TV Guide, etc.) may or may not reflect these corrections. Our KQED website daily listings will reflect changes listed below within 24 hours of being posted here.

KQED, KQED Plus, and KQET Schedule Changes

  • KQED 9 Sun 12/11 11pm-midnight (& repeat)

    (Xfinity 709/9, DT9.1, 54.2, 25.1)

    Sun 12/11 11pm-midnight and Mon 12/12 5am-6am
    11pm and 5am Cancel Film School Shorts #401
    11:30pm and 5:30am Cancel MN Original #110
    11pm and 5am Add Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs

  • KQED Plus Thurs 12/22 10pm-midnight (& repeat)

    (Xfinity 710/10 most areas, DT54.1, 9.2, 25.2, called “KQEH” on some services)

    Thurs 12/22 10pm and fri 12/23 3:30am
    Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion turns out to be a 2-hour program, not 90 minutes as we expected, so
    Cancel Music Voyager at 11:30pm and 5:30am

  • KQED Plus Sun 12/18 9:30pm-midnight (& repeat)

    (Xfinity 710/10 most areas, DT54.1, 9.2, 25.2, called “KQEH” on some services)

    Sun 12/18 9:30pm and Mon 12/19 3:30am
    Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion turns out to be a 2-hour program, not 90 minutes as we expected, so
    Cancel Van Morrison: Live at the Rainbow at 11pm and 5am
    Add Music Voyager at 11:30pm and 5:30am

  • KQED 9 Thurs 12/01 8pm-midnight (& repeats)

    (Xfinity 709/9 most areas, DT9.1, 25.2, 25.1)

    Thurs 12/01 8pm and Fri 12/02 2am
    Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion turns out to be a 2-hour program, not 90 minutes as we expected, so
    Move Andre Rieu: Waltzing Forever from 9:30pm to 10pm, and from 3:30am to 4am
    Cancel Hugs and Knishes at 11pm and 5am
    Add Music Voyager at 11:30pm and 5:30am

  • KQED Plus Wed 11/30 10pm-midnight (& repeat)

    (Xfinity 710/10 most areas, DT54.1, 9.2, 25.2, called “KQEH” on some services)

    Wed 11/30 10pm and Thurs 12/01 4am
    Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion turns out to be a 2-hour program, not 90 minutes as we expected, so
    Cancel Music Voyager at 11:30pm and 5:30am

  • KQED 9 Tues 12/13 & 12/20 9pm (& repeats)

    (Xfinity 709/9, DT9.1, 54.2, 25.1)

    Tues 12/13 9:03pm-11pm and Wed 12/14 3:03am-5am
    Cancel Secrets of Saint John Paul
    Add Frontline #1610 From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians – Pax Romana / A Light To The Nations

    Tues 12/20 9pm-11pm and Wed 12/21 3am-5am
    Cancel Rick Steves Special #106 European Christmas
    Add Frontline #1612 From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians – Let the Reader Understand / Kingdoms in Conflict

  • Children’s programming schedule changes, beginning Wed 11/23/16

    PBS is introducing a new children’s series, Splash and Bubbles, on Wednesday 11/23. Therefore, parts of KQED’s schedules must change in response to new satellite feed times for several series. Nothing disappears, but some shows do have new air times, as follows:

    KQED HD, 7 mornings a week, beginning Wed. 11/23
    (Xfinity 709/9, DT9.1, 54.2, 25.1)
    6:00am – Cat in the Hat replaces Arthur (moves to 6:30am)
    6:30am – Arthur replaces Odd Squad (moves to KQED Plus 4pm & 4:30pm)

    KQED HD, Mon-Fri mornings, beginning Wed. 11/23
    7am-10am – no changes
    10:00am – Splash and Bubbles replaces Sesame Street (moves to 10:30am)
    10:30am – Sesame Street replaces Peg+Cat (moves to 11:30am)
    11:30am – Peg+Cat replaces Dinosaur Train (moves to KQED Plus 1:30pm)

    KQED Plus, Mon-Fri afternoons, beginning Wed. 11/23
    (Xfinity 710/10, DT54.1, 9.2, 25.2)
    6am-1:30pm – no changes
    1:30pm – Dinosaur Train replaces Cat in the Hat (moves to KQED 9 6am)
    2pm – Splash and Bubbles replaces Curious George (remains at 2:30pm)
    2:30pm Curious George remains in place
    3pm – Nature Cat replaces Arthur (moves to KQED 9 6:30am)
    3:30pm – Ready Jet Go! replaces Nature Cat (moves to 3pm)
    4pm – Odd Squad replaces Caillou (remains at 8:30am)
    4:30pm – Odd Squad replaces Thomas & Friends (remains at 9:30am, 10am & 12:30pm)
    5pm – Peg + Cat remains in place
    5:30pm – Sesame Street replaces Odd Squad (moves to 4pm & 4:30pm)
    6pm – Daniel Tiger replaces Wild Kratts (remains at 11am & 11:30am)

    KQED Kids, 7 days a week
    (Xfinity 192, DT54.4)
    no changes

  • By Request: Best of Pledge

    As programs are selected for our fundraising time, the daily schedules for all channels will be updated. Please visit the Daily Schedules for those days to see the latest line-ups – use the calendar on the right to select individual days.

  • Comcast channels move, Monterey/Salinas & Sacramento/Fairfield

    As of Tuesday 8/25/2015, Comcast/Xfinity has moved four of KQED’s channels to new numbers in two of its service areas. The new info is:

    371 – KQED World
    372 – KQED Kids
    373 – KQED Life
    374 – KQED V-Me

    Sacramento, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Travis AFB and Vacaville:
    390 – KQED World
    391 – KQED Kids
    392 – KQED Life
    393 – KQED V-Me

    Most of the Bay Area remains:
    189 – KQED Life
    190 – KQED World
    191 – KQED V-Me
    192 – KQED Kids

  • Differences in outside listings with KQED broadcasts

    Paid service providers such as cable or satellite companies, and other scheduling sources such as newspapers or online websites, buy their guide data from outside listing companies. KQED sends correct listings information for all of our programming streams to these outside listing companies 5-8 weeks in advance of our broadcasts. This includes info for KQED, KQED Plus, KQED Life, KQED World and KQED Kids.

    Unfortunately, the listings companies are not always up-to-date with the data that comes from local independent stations (PBS or otherwise) which set their own local schedules, rather than follow a single national schedule that can be used for the whole country, as most national networks and channels do. Or the paid service providers might not have run updates they receive from the listings services. So occasionally some onscreen guides, newspapers, etc., have listings for 1 or more KQED channels that do not accurately reflect our schedules.

    KQED’s own website will always have the most accurate information. The same database that runs our Master Control area also populates our website. This change page will report the changes that have been made since OnQ, our supporting members’ program guide, went to the printer, and since our schedule data was sent to the outside listings companies. The only differences will be those rare technical problems, as described in the “unannounced changes” posting below.

  • KQED 9/KQED Plus unannounced program changes

    Once in awhile, there will be last-minute program changes which will not be noted on this page. Occasionally, there are incidents when our automation equipment simply refuses to play a program. The show is queued up ready to go, but when the start time hits, it simply refuses to play. So the engineers quickly find a similar program already in the memory bank to air as a substitute, and there’s no chance to post anything about the change on this page.

    If you don’t see any notes here regarding the program you’re interested in, please feel free to email when you notice one of these unannounced changes, and we will check with the programming folks to find out if the program will be rescheduled relatively quickly, or simply allowed to come back up in its next normal rotation spot.

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