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How to Submit Works for Local Broadcast

KQED's local programming department schedules more independent films per year than any other public television station in the country. KQED seeks to bring the breadth and range of cultures and perspectives to viewers through its local acquisitions program. Each year KQED broadcasts numerous programs produced by independents for broadcast.

How to Submit Your Work to KQED

Submissions on DVD should be sent to the Director of Programming along with a synopsis. All DVDs will be screened, but due to the number of submissions, it may take as long as 6 to 8 weeks for a response. Be sure to include an email address with your materials.

Send materials to:
Scott Dwyer, Director of Programming
2601 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

We apologize that we cannot guarantee return of materials.

Licensing Agreement

When KQED accepts a program for air, it enters into a licensing agreement with the independent producer for local broadcast of the program. As copyright holder, the independent producer remains solely responsible for clearing any and all rights.

Technical Criteria

All programs must be of broadcast quality and will be evaluated by station engineers. Acceptable formats for air are digibeta, beta or HDcam. All programs must also have Closed Captioning. Standard lengths of 26:46, 56:46, 1:26:46 or 1:56:46 are preferable. KQED generally makes an in-house copy of the program for air and returns the original media to the producer after the first broadcast.

Broadcast Dates

Due to print and promotion deadlines, KQED locks its broadcast schedules six weeks in advance. Generally, licensed programs are first aired between six months to one year after the execution of the license agreement. KQED will contact the producer once the program has been scheduled.

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