Youth Perspectives Contest

The Results Are In!

KQED recently held a Youth Perspectives Contest and asked young people to send us their thoughts on two themes: Coming Out and Friday Night. The submissions we received were fresh, compelling, and original. Below is a sampling of entries that reflects the best in both quality and thoughtfulness for the Friday Night theme. We encourage you to listen, comment, and enjoy.

Congratulations to Fabio Passalacqua whose commentary, "Skating Into Friday Night" is the grand prize winner for our second theme.

Skateboarding into Friday Night

On Fridays, Fabio Passalacqua explores on his skateboard -- gaining appreciation for his town and the people in it.

The Finalists

The Isle of Awesome

For Joshua Herman, Friday nights are all about searching for the elusive Isle of Awesome.

Just Another Excited Teen

Zach Knight gets excited about the weekend, just like any other teen. But when Friday night comes, he realizes just how unique he is.

Youth Radio

Finding Balance

Youth Radio's Ella Ross and Nick Bellizzi lead very different lives, including their Friday nights. But as it turns out--they're both chasing the same thing.

This video Perspective was produced by Youth Radio. To hear more Youth Radio content, visit the Youth Radio Perspectives archive.