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Cuba: Ending the Embargo
Cuba and the United States have a long history of strained political and economic relations. The U.S. has maintained a trade embargo against Cuba for over 50 years, and since 1982 has designated Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. Nonetheless, amidst what Henry Kissinger called this "perpetual antagonism," every president since Eisenhower has found a reason, and a way, to conduct dialogue with Cuba. The program's speaker is Peter Kornbluh, director, Cuba and Chile Documentation Projects, National Security Archive; and co-author of "Back Channel to Cuba." Drawing on interviews with negotiators, intermediaries and policymakers including Fidel Castro and Jimmy Carter, Kornbluh will share insights on both the relevance of the previous and present negotiation attempts and the importance of mending relations between the two countries.Note: This program was produced before President Obama announced the normalization of relations with Cuba.

Mon, Dec 22, 2014 -- 8:00pm

The first World Affairs Council broadcast aired in October 1947. Back then, it was called "World Affairs are Your Affairs." Guests on the show included Gen. Dwight Eisenhower (July '49) and Vice President Alben Barkeley (October '49). The show ran continuously for 23 years. Today's World Affairs Council broadcast, called "It's Your World," brings some of the brightest minds to the air. It's Your World captures leading voices in politics, business, academia, media and art in candid discussions on issues concerning the world today.

Tue, Dec 23, 2014 -- 2:00am

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