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Indias Natural World in Crisis
Over a billion people live in India roughly one in every five on earth inhabiting two percent of the worlds landmass. This massive population has taken a toll, pushing the countrys environment and its infrastructure to the brink. Rivers are polluted beyond use and groundwater reserves are fast diminishing. Farmers struggle to fill the plates of their families and countrymen. Millions live in poverty, with the gap between the rich and poor growing more and more acute. These challenges that India faces today may soon become the reality for other parts of the world as well, as the global population continues to rise and a changing climate places strains on global agriculture, infrastructure, governance and other systems. Journalist Meera Subramanian travelled the country and spoke with individuals determined to revive Indias natural world. She will share these stories and offer insights into the present and future of Indias environment.

Tue, Feb 9, 2016 -- 2:00am

The first World Affairs Council broadcast aired in October 1947. Back then, it was called "World Affairs are Your Affairs." Guests on the show included Gen. Dwight Eisenhower (July '49) and Vice President Alben Barkeley (October '49). The show ran continuously for 23 years. Today's World Affairs Council one-hour broadcast captures leading voices in politics, business, academia, media and art in candid discussions on issues concerning the world today.

Sat, Feb 13, 2016 -- 4:00am

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