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The Voters Speak
Voters are attending town hall meetings across the country. On this episode of Morning Edition hear from Utah voters who've crowded one of these meetings demanding Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz investigate President Donald Trump.

Thu, Feb 23, 2017 -- 3:00am

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Feb 22, 2017
In Police Report, Tom Brady Says Missing Jersey Is Worth $500,000

The quarterback for the New England Patriots says someone stole his jersey after the team's Super Bowl win. Investigators in Houston are working to determine who was in the locker room at the time.

Feb 22, 2017
Copyright Kerfuffle Contributes To More Bulgarian Radio Listeners

The fee Bulgarian National Radio pays to air popular music quadrupled. So it started to play older songs whose copyrights had lapsed. Listenership is up 20 percent.

Feb 22, 2017
Muslim Leader In Nigeria Links Polygamy To Poverty And Terrorism

Emir Malam Muhammadu Sanusi II says he's working with Islamic scholars to draft a law discouraging men from marrying multiple wives if they cannot afford to educate large families.

Feb 22, 2017
Rep. O'Rourke's Counterpoint To Trump's New Immigration Policies

As President Trump announces new policies aimed at illegal immigrants, Steve Inskeep talks to Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke of Texas, who is on a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Feb 22, 2017
Muslim-Led Fundraiser To Help Vandalized Jewish Cemetery Be Repaired

After an anti-Semitic attack on a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Muslim activists helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help repair the vandalism. Steve Inskeep reports.

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