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The Legacy of the LA Uprising
Twenty-five years ago, LA was on fire. Deadly riots broke out after four police officers were acquitted of the beating of the motorist Rodney King. Look back on that history through the eyes of two people who were there - a Reverend who helped negotiate peace...And a Korean-American who worked at her parent's gas station in Compton.

Fri, Apr 28, 2017 -- 3:00am

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Apr 27, 2017
Jodie Foster Remembers Her Mentor Jonathan Demme, Who Died At 73

Director Jonathan Demme has died from complications of esophageal cancer. Demme directed Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs, which won 5 Academy Awards including best director and best actress.

Apr 27, 2017
'Textalyzer' Aims To Curb Distracted Driving, But What About Privacy?

Police may soon have technology to tell if a driver involved in an accident had been using a mobile device behind the wheel. Privacy advocates worry about letting police snoop on people's phones.

Apr 27, 2017
Trump Calls NAFTA Partners To Say He Will Renegotiate The Deal

President Trump Thursday night reversed earlier White House comments that the U.S. would withdraw from NAFTA. Steve Inskeep talks to Rep. Will Hurd, R-TX, about NAFTA and the southern border wall.

Apr 27, 2017
Suing To Sell Baked Goods

In Wisconsin, you can't sell cookies or brownies without a license. Now three Wisconsin women are suing. Wisconsin senators have debated bills to allow baked goods sales, but the bills have died.

Apr 27, 2017
The North Korean Electromagnetic Pulse Threat, Or Lack Thereof

Can a nuclear weapon in space fired by North Korea knock off much of the world's electricity? Jeffrey Lewis, of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, says not really.

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