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Iris Dement
Singer Iris Dement plays songs from new album The Trackless Woods. And she'll perform a gospel song she grew up with. Her song Let the Mystery Be is used as the theme for the new season of HBO's The Leftovers Another of her songs was used in the Coen brothers film True Grit.

Thu, Nov 26, 2015 -- 1:00pm

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Nov 25, 2015
High Glamour Infuses A Forbidden Love Affair In 'Carol'

Todd Haynes' new film chronicles a lesbian affair between a middle-aged married woman and a young store clerk. Critic David Edelstein says Carol captures the thrill of a once-forbidden subculture.

Nov 25, 2015
Broadway Composer John Kander Reflects On A Career Of 'Hidden Treasures'

Kander and his partner, Fred Ebb, wrote the songs for a number of musicals, including Chicago, Kiss of the Spider Woman and Cabaret. His new double album is John Kander: Hidden Treasures.

Nov 24, 2015
ISIS Is Trying To Create A Doomsday Bomb, But Is The Key Ingredient A Myth?

New York Times reporter C.J. Chivers discusses efforts by ISIS to weaponize a mysterious substance known as red mercury. "It's never been seen," he says. "It essentially is an urban legend."

Nov 23, 2015
Gaitskill Spins A Swirling Tale Of Love, Delusion And Horses In 'The Mare'

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Nov 23, 2015
The Man And The Mistakes That 'Invented Rock 'n' Roll'

In his new book, Sam Phillips, music writer Peter Guralnick profiles the founder of the Sun Records label. Guralnick says Phillips rejected perfection in favor of spontaneity and individuality.

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