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John Ridley and Andre Benjamin
Terry Gross talks with film's writer and director John Ridley, who won an Oscar for writing "12 years A Slave," and Andre Benjamin of the group Outkast, who plays Jimi Hendrix in a new biopic "Jimi: All is By My Side."

Tue, Sep 23, 2014 -- 1:00pm

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Sep 18, 2014
Pere Ubu's 'Carnival Of Souls' Is A Dreamscape That's Never Dreamy

Led since the late '70s by co-founder David Thomas, Pere Ubu has created something far more rich, experimental, and emotional than the spooky, horror-movie that Carnival of Souls is named for.

Sep 18, 2014
'Madame Secretary' Pales In Comparison To 'The Good Wife'

The CBS dramas about women juggling family lives and high-intensity jobs showcase excellent acting. But while The Good Wife is one of the best shows on TV, Madam Secretary's writing is disappointing.

Sep 18, 2014
The Long, Scary Journey From A 'Terrorist's Son' To A Peace Activist

Zak Ebrahim's father was convicted as a conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. For most of his life, Ebrahim lied to people about who his father was. His new memoir tells his story.

Sep 17, 2014
As A Lyricist And Novelist, The Mountain Goats' Lead Man Writes About Pain

John Darnielle's novel, Wolf in White Van, is about a man who survives a trauma. The songwriter tells Fresh Air about his difficult childhood and finding shelter in music and the Incredible Hulk.

Sep 16, 2014
13 Days Of High Emotion That Led To The Egypt-Israel Peace

Lawrence Wright's new book examines the 1978 peace deal President Carter brokered between Egypt and Israel. During the tense summit, Carter had "never been angrier," Wright says.

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