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Billy Eichner
Actor Billy Eichner hosts Billy on the Street, his TV game show where he quizzes people on the street about pop culture. It's on Eichner also is in the show Difficult People on Hulu. Eichner had a recurring role on Parks & Recreation.

Mon, Dec 12, 2016 -- 1:00pm

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Dec 09, 2016
Singer Allyson Seconds Revitalizes Power-Pop On 'Little World'

The second album by the California-based singer features an optimism often associated with West Coast pop. Critic Ken Tucker says Little World creates an "alternate universe of the sunniest sounds."

Dec 09, 2016
Fantastically Stylized 'La La Land' Is A Musical Tour-De-Force

A jazz keyboardist and an aspiring actress fall in love in Damien Chazelle's new romantic musical. Critic David Edelstein says La La Land features thrilling chemistry and magical music numbers.

Dec 09, 2016
Remembering Grant Tinker, 'Mary Tyler Moore' Producer And NBC Chair

David Bianculli offers an appreciation of Tinker, who died last month. Also, we listen to a Fresh Air interview with Tinker from 1994, and an interview with Tinker's wife, Mary Tyler Moore, from 1995.

Dec 08, 2016
'New York Times' Executive Editor On The New Terrain Of Covering Trump

Dean Baquet talks about covering tweets as news, his decision to use the word "lie" in a headline about Trump and why he's not worried about libel suits from the new president.

Dec 08, 2016
The 10 Best Books Of 2016 Faced Tough Topics Head On

Book critic Maureen Corrigan says that if there's one word that characterizes her list this year, it's "serious." These books certainly aren't grim or dull, but they take on big, difficult subjects.

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