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Tapes and CDs from KQED

Tapes and CDs of the following programs are available directly from KQED:

Commonwealth Club: $16 
Forum: $16 (for each hour) 
Health Dialogues: $16 
Hot Soup: $12 
Pacific Time: $12 
Perspectives: $8.50 
The California Report (Daily, 8 minutes): $8.50 
The California Report Magazine (Weekly, 30 minutes): $12 
World Affairs Council: $16

Please specify the program, date and time when ordering. Enclose a check to "KQED Radio." With regular service, your order should ship in three to four weeks. For rush service (order shipped within seven business days), please add $10 to the above prices.

KQED Radio 
Tape Requests 
2601 Mariposa St. 
San Francisco, CA 94110  

Transcripts from NPR

Transcripts of the following programs are available from NPR:

All Things Considered
Day to Day
Morning Edition
News and Notes
Weekend All Things Considered
Weekend Edition Saturday
Weekend Edition Sunday

NPR offers transcripts for individual stories, delivered to you immediately online as a print-ready page. See the NPR web site for more information on ordering NPR tapes and transcripts.

Tapes and Transcripts from Other Sources

Tapes of the following programs are available from different sources. Transcripts may also be available. Please click on the links or call for prices and ordering information.

A Prairie Home Companion – 800-755-0387
Alternative Radio – 800-444-1977
American Radio Works – 800-228-7123
Cambridge Forum – 617-495-2727
Car Talk – 888- CAR -JUNK (888-227-5865)
Chautauqua Lectures – 716-357-2151
City Club of Cleveland – 888-CC-FORUM (888-223-6786)
Fresh Air – 877-21-FRESH (877-213-7374)
L.A. Theatre Works – 800-708-8863
Latino USA – 800-535-5533
Living on Earth – 800-218-9988
Marketplace – 800-777-TEXT
National Press Club – 888-343-1940
Selected Shorts – 917-441-6225
Soundprint – 1-888-38-TAPES
Tech Nation – 800-959-3430
This American Life – 312-832-3380
To the Best of Our Knowledge – 800-747-7444

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