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Irene Noguchi

Irene Noguchi

Three things make Irene's life complete: family, a hot bowl of ramen, and really great radio. She has worked for National Public Radio in Washington, D.C., and the NPR stations in Hawaii, Seattle, and Las Vegas. She has produced shows on in vitro fertilization, green tech, tightrope walkers, soldiers with PTSD, and profiles of the unemployed (e.g., an unemployed man living in his car). Her past radio jobs have taken her speeding on a boat after orcas and scaling up pines to interview a treehouse builder. She has worked for The Washington Post, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and The Orange County Register. Before radio, Irene was a corporate lawyer. Way before that, she sold merchandise as a teen at Disneyland, where she held the record for most glow-in-the-dark necklaces sold in one night. She never leaves home without the following podcasts: RadioLab, The Story with Dick Gordon, and, of course, Forum. And she is always looking for the next great show idea.

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