White House Honors Two Techies for Making Programming Cool

Bay Area residents Carlos Bueno and Kimberly Bryant are helping to prepare kids to use programming concepts in daily life and work.

Tech Titans Join Forces on Internet Surveillance

More than 60 technology firms and other groups are urging the federal government to let companies disclose Patriot Act data requests.

The Year in Tech

2014 was a year of big hacks -- Target, celebrity nude selfies off the cloud and most recently, Sony. So, what's been the fallout? Forum talks about tech companies adjusting to calls for a more diverse workforce, the trend of wearable tech and more.

Is Your Smartphone Hurting Your Love Life?

In a new study, 70 percent of women in serious relationships reported that technology encroaches on their love lives, which correlated with increased conflict and lower relationship satisfaction. But other studies have found minimal impact of technology on relationships. Do you look at your smartphone more than you are gazing into the eyes of your sweetheart? Does Siri tag along on date nights?