White House Honors Two Techies for Making Programming Cool

Bay Area residents Carlos Bueno and Kimberly Bryant are helping to prepare kids to use programming concepts in daily life and work.

Tech Titans Join Forces on Internet Surveillance

More than 60 technology firms and other groups are urging the federal government to let companies disclose Patriot Act data requests.

Does a $400 Juice Machine Matter?

We get tons of emails and press releases about science and technology news. And frankly, I don't know enough about those subjects to figure out if it matters, or if it doesn't. But the good news is there are tons of smart, insightful reporters who can help sort it out. So with that, welcome to the first installment of our series, Does This Matter?

Online Harassment: Twitter and Trolling

Twitter is reportedly laying off more than 300 workers around the world. The news comes after the company could not find a buyer. And some speculate the reason is due to continued online harassment by so-called 'trolls.'