Are Earth's Deepest Caves The Last Frontier?

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Bill Stone says the caves are the last terrestrial frontier for humans.

Part 2 of the TED Radio Hour episode To The Edge.

About Bill Stone's TEDTalk

Bill Stone is a maverick cave explorer who has plumbed Earth's deepest abysses. In this talk, he explains what it's like to descend into the deepest caves in complete darkness for days on end — and why he keeps doing it.

About Bill Stone

Engineer and daredevil caver Bill Stone pushes the frontier — through flooded tunnels, the remotest depths of the Earth and the limits of human endurance. He's currently planning to mine moon ice by 2015 and build an autonomous robot to visit the icebound sea of Jupiter's moon, Europa.

His Shackleton Energy Company intends to raise enough money to mine ice thought to be trapped on the moon's southern pole at Shackleton Crater, and to sell derived products on the moon and in low Earth orbit to international consumers.

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