Americans Driving Less, Using Transit More

Between 1946 and 2004, Americans drove more and more just about every year. But that trend has reversed in the last decade.

The progressive U.S. Public Interest Research Group says that decline in driving is partly due to the Great Recession. But, they say, it's also tied to a generational shift, with younger people choosing to drive less than baby boomers.  

Sustainable transportation advocate Stuart Cohen says that trend is visible everywhere in the Bay Area.

“Whether you’re on BART and seeing standing-room-only crowds, or you’re seeing more and more bikers going to work or on the weekends," Cohen says."We are experiencing a real shift in transportation here in the Bay Area.”

Cohen, founder of the group TransForm, says Bay Area officials should reconsider spending priorities and shift funds away from highways and toward transit strategies like dedicated bus lanes.   

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