Boxer Wants FDA to Label Genetically Modified Foods

Sen. Barbara Boxer is joining with leaders of the organic food movement to grow support for a bill that would require new labeling for genetically engineered food.  Boxer says the United States needs to follow the lead set in dozens of other nations.

Speaking at Clif Bar headquarters in Emeryville on Thursday, Boxer said she wants the FDA to require genetically modified foods be labeled, just like they are in 64 other countries.  

“Don’t you think Americans deserve the same information as those in other parts of the world," Boxer said.  "I mean what it is about us, we're going to get confused while in Europe they don’t get confused?”

Boxer says while there is currently scant long-term research on whether the foods pose a hazard, consumers should be able to make informed choices while those studies are done.

Opponents of her legislation say labeling genetically engineered food would raise doubts in consumers' minds and stand in the way of research into food technologies.


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