Oakland Parents Want AIMS Charter Schools to Stay Open

Parents and staff at "AIMS", the American Indian Model Schools in Oakland are fighting to keep the schools open this fall, despite accusations of financial mismanagement.  Oakland Unified voted to revoke the schools' charter last month, but the AIMS board is appealing the decision.
Parent, Sue Zhou has a first-grader and a kindergartener attending the elementary program.  She says AIMS serves many low-income Asian immigrant families.
“We cannot afford the good private school,” Zhou says.  “This school is the only option so please help us -- don’t close the school. It is our kids future. Oakland’s future.”
Alameda County's district attorney is investigating the school's founder, Ben Chavis, for allegedly embezzling almost four million dollars.  Alameda County's Board of Education is scheduled to hear the appeal later this month.  If rejected, the AIMS elementary, middle and high schools could be shut down next month.
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