Attention, Procrastinators: Tax Day Is Here

Hundreds of state workers are standing by, ready to help with the onerous task that makes April 15 a day we'd rather forget. There are some ways to make it less excruciating.

John Barrett with the state Franchise Tax Board says FTB workers will answer questions on the phone, or in online chats to make last-minute tax filing simple.

"The number one thing (taxpayers) need to do is not panic," says Barrett. The number two thing? Go to Calfile and file your taxes online.

"E-filing is fast, easy and here in California it's free," says Barrett. "And the beautiful thing about Calfile is we send you an immediate receipt that lets you know we received your return, so you can put your head on the pillow and have pleasant dreams."

Unless you're a procrastinator who files an extension and waits until fall to file a return. (And of course, you still need to pay any amount you expect to owe on April 15.)  Barrett laughed when asked how to motivate those taxpayers to be prompt.  "For that I'd have to be Sigmund Freud," he says.

But he did have a few ideas: buy a hot dog on the beach, go to a baseball game, or to the mall. In other words, reward yourself for getting your taxes done.

For the procrastinators who don't want to file online, the U.S. Postal Service website lists which offices are open late tonight.

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