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Peskin Pressures Ellison to Pay for Sailboat Race

A former San Francisco supervisor has started an online campaign to lobby billionaire Larry Ellison to cover the budget shortfall for this summer's America’s Cup race. Ellison brought the race to San Francisco.

Race organizers have fallen far short of their fundraising goals, leaving San Francisco to pay the difference out of its general fund.

Former supervisor Aaron Peskin posted a petition on the website this week, asking Ellison to pick up the America's Cup debt.

“We don’t want the city general fund, which pays for police and fire protection and vital city services, to pay for this sailboat race,” Peskin said. "Like many San Franciscans, I’m delighted to have it here. But this has become a fleecing of the city’s general fund, and I think Larry Ellison should stand up and pay for it."

Peskin said his goal is to get 5,000 signatures, and then present them to Ellison and the Board of Supervisors.

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