Uncertainties in China, Europe Worry Tech CEOs

Forty-six percent of the CEOs answering this year's Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) Business Climate Survey said they plan to add jobs in the Bay Area this year, despite concerns about the economies of China and Europe.

That's down slightly from last year and the reason, according to SVLG executive director Carl Guardino, is the Valley's reliance on global demand.

" And whether you're a scrappy startup to a global brand, you're competing worldwide," said Guardino.

In this, its 10th annual survey, the SVLG found the usual corporate concerns -- high taxes, lack of affordable housing and education.

Near the top of challenges cited by CEOs -- business regulation. Guardino says his organization will push to amend the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA.
"Not to point fingers," he added, "but to join arms and try to make progress in a way that still protects the Golden State and keeps it green, while making sure we do not do economic harm as we move forward."

CEOs also want more reform of public employee pensions.

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