MIT Sloan Students Feel Positive Vibes in the Valley

For more than 20 years, students from the MIT Sloan School of Management have been making what they call the “Tech Trek” to network at Silicon Valley companies. And this year’s crop of students is seeing a much-improved job market.

Student Patricia Dodson says she’s picking up on a lot of excitement in the Valley. "The common theme we’ve been hearing is just change in the industry and lots of growth," she says, "And where MBAs can come in and fit in and bring that business perspective, and also a passion for tech and a passion for making change."

MIT Sloan's MBA graduates routinely get six-figure salaries. But students this year seem less concerned with compensation than in finding interesting challenges and engaging work. 

Victor Silva says he’s looking for a job where he can make an impact. And he finds that employers' expectations are also different in the Valley. "Not just like ordinary workforce," he explains, "but people with crazy ideas and they do not settle for less. And some people that want to question the status quo and drive some great execution into the work to actually make these things happen."

Local recruiters say the Bay Area is a great place to come to work right now, and they doubt these students will have any trouble finding jobs.

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