Tahoe Growth Plan Calls For More Development

Local officials are updating the regional growth plan for the Lake Tahoe basin for the first time in 25 years. The plan has been a subject of contention for developers and environmental groups for almost a decade.

The final version of the plan favors one side, says Laurel Ames of the Tahoe Sierra Club. "The business community loves it," she says, because it loosens growth rules that have protected the lake’s clarity. "The water quality will not be improved and there will be much taller buildings."

But with the economic downturn, the Tahoe region needs to open up to new development, says Lew Feldman, an attorney representing local companies.

"The opportunity now exists to help the economy," says Feldman, "We need outside capital to now look at the region from a new lens."

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency will vote on the plan on December 12.

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