Denham, LaHood Duel Over Bullet-Train Money

The debate continues in Congress over whether California's high-speed rail system should get federal funding.
Thursday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood spoke in favor of funding during a hearing of the House Transportation Committee.
But Republican San Joaquin Valley Rep. Jeff Denham .wants to ban future funding for the bullet train.
Denham argued with LaHood that the project should not get federal money until a plan is in place that will attract private investment.
Denham started by saying to LaHood, “When you can show me that this project is fully funded and we have a private investor,” but was interrupted by LaHood who shouted back that, “we're not going to get it fully funded as long as there's language in bills that says it can't have any money!  How do we fully fund it!?”
California has budgeted $68 billion for the bullet train, expecting half to come from the federal government.
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