NAACP Joins in Bayview Anti-Foreclosure Protest

San Francisco NAACP officials are joining anti-foreclosure activists working on behalf of homeowners facing eviction.
For the first time on Thursday, members of the civil rights group took part in a protest at a Wells Fargo in the city's Bayview neighborhood.
Archbishop Franzo King of the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church says foreclosures disproportionately affect people of color.

"People will have to think twice to say that we're just a bunch of thugs on the streets," King says. "When we're coming with historical data of being able to stand up and speak truth to power."

In a statement, a Wells Fargo spokesman said the bank is working with customers who are past due, and is able to provide an option that prevents foreclosure for seven out of ten cases.

But he added that some customers are in homes they cannot afford, even with substantially reduced payments.


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