Poll Suggests More Than Half Of State Voters Cast Mail-In Ballots

 A new Field Poll predicts this will be the first statewide general election where more than half of all voters cast mail-in ballots.

The poll estimates California election officials will receive 6.5 million mail in ballots, representing about 51 percent of the total vote.

Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo says compared to 30 years ago, there's been a change in the demographics of who votes by mail.

 "When it was a smaller share of the vote, the mail ballot voters were quite different as a group than the precinct voters," he said.  "They were much more likely to be older.  There were many more Republicans than Democrats. Now, we're not seeing the same level of difference."
The Field Poll estimates just under 13 million Californians, or 70 percent of registered voters, will cast ballots this election.

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