Oakland Zoo Opens New Animal Hospital

Molly Samuel/KQED

The large animal anaesthetic machine in the Oakland Zoo's new animal hospital can be used for animals that weigh up to 2,500 pounds.

The Oakland Zoo has a brand new veterinary hospital. While hospitals for humans only have to treat one species, Karen Emanuelson, the directory of veterinary services at the zoo, points out she has a much wider variety of patients.  

"We've designed the hospital so it can take animals from five grams in size up to 2,000 pounds," she says.

The hospital will be able to handle tree frogs that need tiny doses of medicine and grizzly bears that need x-rays. It's replacing an older, smaller hospital. This new one is 17,000 square feet and includes a quarantine area, room for teaching new vets, a research lab and space for working with wild animals like California condors.

There aren't any animals in the new hospital yet, but it should be open for patients by the end of the month.

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