Mirkarimi's Critics Want Recall or Recusement

Critics of San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi are wasting no time in demanding that he be reined in or thrown out, now that supervisors have put him back on the job.

Mirkarimi survived official misconduct charges this week related to a domestic incident with his wife.

San Francisco's district attorney George Gascon says Mirkarimi should hand over any official duties that relate to enforcing domestic violence laws.  
"We're hoping that Mr. Mirkarimi will see the value in recusing himself and that he will do so voluntarily," Gascon said.  "I believe that this community might be much better off, and I frankly I believe he will afford himself an opportunity to begin to gain credibility in this area."

Supervisor Jane Kim, who voted to reinstate the sheriff, says she did so on narrow, technical grounds and would support a voter recall.

No comment so far from Mirkarimi.

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