South Bay Agencies Team Up To Offer Immigrant Health Services

Santa Clara County agencies and the Mexican Consulate in San Jose are offering nutrition workshops, health screenings, referrals and other services for underserved immigrants this week.
Rose Heredia is a family nurse practitioner who spent Tuesday offering women's care at the Consulate. She says the week is meant to get past the obstacles facing many in the immigrant community.
“Without the outreach - without having people out there just going out and giving this information out, there’s no way to really figure out where, who to go to for the services,” she says.
The health screenings and wellness coaching will continue at several locations in San Jose through next week - everywhere from the Mexican Consulate to the Berryessa Flea Market.
Dr. Albert Gomez offers health screenings at the Consulate year round. He says his experience shows the value of early intervention.
“We’re catching these problems at a very young age,” Gomez says.  “ The average age of the patients we see is about 29. That’s unusual because people don’t usually go to the doctor until they have some kind of a symptom, and this is in their 40s and 50s.”
Gomez says this special event raises awareness in the community – and helps service agencies network to provide care. 
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