Ethics Commission Scales Back Proposal to Regulate Bloggers

If politics makes strange bedfellows, you won’t find two stranger ones than Republican Jon Fleischman and Democrat Steve Maviglio. Both are paid consultants and influential bloggers. Both oppose a proposal that would require campaigns to report payments to anyone who blogs or posts on social media sites. "Under this proposal, if somebody’s being paid for a day to hand out brochures and they tweet and they post something on their Facebook page, that would have to be reported by a campaign,” says Maviglio.

But Fair Political Practices Commission Chair Ann Ravel says her goal isn’t to regulate the casual blogger, saying, “We want to regulate people who have a business of providing opinion.” Ravel admits the current proposal is overly broad, so she’s delaying next month’s vote until after the busy campaign season so both sides can talk it through.

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