State School Boards Back Opposing Tax Measures

California school boards are urging voters to support two November tax measures that deal with education funding. They’re backing both Governor Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 and a rival measure, Proposition 38.

“What we fear could happen is that if we say just choose the one you want, neither will pass," said San Francisco Unified board member Jill Wynns, president of the California School Boards Association.

“What we find," Wynns expained, "is that if you just say, 'if you want more funding for schools, vote for both of these,' that’s the best way to get at least one of them passed.”

Brown's measure would funnel increased income and sales taxes into the General Fund, sending an estimated $5.35 billion for K-12 schools and community colleges in 2012-13. If the measure fails, it would trigger $5.35 billion in cuts to K-12 schools and community colleges. The University of California and California State University systems would also lose $250 million each.

Molly Munger's Prop. 38 earmarks more funding for K-12 schools.

If both measures win majority support, the initiative with the most “yes” votes would see its tax changes take effect.

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