Family Of Slain Oakland Teen Press Police For Report

The family of Alan Blueford, the 18 year-old senior at Skyline High School shot and killed by Oakland police last May, say they're not happy with the pace of the investigation into their son's death.

Eyewitness and police accounts leave unclear whether Blueford had a gun, and if so, whether he pointed it at police before he was shot.  
“I cannot bring Alan back," Blueford's moher Jeralynn told reporters Thursday on the steps of the Alameda County Coroner's Office, "but I do deserve as his mother to know what has happened to my child.”
Oakland Police Spokeswoman Johnna Watson issued an email statement saying, "We understand their wanting as much information as possible, but due to the ongoing investigations, both internally and by the District Attorney's Office, we have been unable to share as much as they would like." 
The family received the coroner's report after the news conference. 
Oakland attorney Dan Siegel, who supports the family, said in an email that the coroner's report found no drugs or alcohol in Blueford's system and no gunshot residue on either hand, "strong proof," Siegel wrote,  "that he did not fire a gun."
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