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Occupy Oakland Protesters Seek Damages from Oakland, Alameda County

Occupy Oakland protesters arrested at a demonstration last January are seeking damages from Oakland and Alameda County.  A claim was filed Friday on behalf of 18 named protesters along with a class claim on behalf of many others.
More than 400 people were arrested January 28 when police "kettled" demonstrators in front of the YMCA in downtown Oakland.  The civil claim seeks $10,000. It names the Oakland police for mistreatment of demonstrators, and the Alameda county sheriffs, who transported and held them to the county jail in Santa Rita.

Claimant Cicily Cooper says the money sought is secondary to forcing law enforcement policy changes.

“We’re a group of mostly white people who haven’t experienced police brutality like this, and we're doing this because we want to help bring light to a very dark and dim place,” she said.

Neither the city or county responded to requests for comment.  They have 45 days to either accept and pay the claim or allow a lawsuit to proceed.

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