Bay Area Calpullis of Aztec Mexican Nation Celebrate Transit of Venus

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Mary Flynn/KQED News

A drummer pounds a thundering rhythm as Bay Area Aztec Mexicans perform traditional dances in honor of the transit of Venus.

Bay Area Calpullis, or groups, of the Aztec Mexican nation say Tuesday's transit of Venus is a chance for them to recognize their cultural heritage.  The groups joined together in San Jose Tuesday to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime celestial event.  

Organizers said the Aztec have been tracking the movements of the solar system for thousands of years.  Tamara “Mozahuani” Alvarado serves as part of the leadership for Calpulli Tonalehqueh, the organizers of the event. 
"You know, the transit of Venus across the sun could be something that we just all stand out here with smoked mirrors and say, 'Wow, that's really cool.’  But why not take the opportunity to bring our community together through dance and song, commemorating this moment and actually taking time to pause and reflect and say ‘okay, what do we value as a community?'" said Alvarado.
The next time Venus crosses the sun will be a 105 years from now, in the year 2117.
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