Power Hungry: Reinventing The U.S. Electricity Grid

This April 2009 series from NPR examines the costs, the politics and other challenges of upgrading the country's electricity grid.

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Climate Watch

Unlocking the Grid

With the race on to reduce global warming and fossil fuel dependency, experts in alternative energy see a bright future for renewable resources like wind, solar, hydro-power and geothermal energy. But getting it onto the electrical grid to power homes and businesses is a major challenge that engineers and environmentalists are wrestling with. QUEST and Climate Watch team up to look at the "Smart Grid" of the future and how it might be improved to more cleanly and efficiently keep the lights on in California.

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In a behind-the-scenes look at California ISO's Demand Response Lab, Radha Madrigal shows Climate Watch's Craig Miller new smart-grid and smart-appliance technologies that will help consumers save energy at home.

Ever wonder where all the heat in your house is going? Watch energy auditors from Sustainable Spaces, a home performance retrofitting company, test a San Francisco home for leaks in efforts to help residents conserve energy and keep costs down.

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