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A New Energy Label Promotes Wind Power

Feb 11, 2011

A New Energy Label Promotes Wind Power

Soon you’ll be able to go to a store and buy a product you know was made from pure, clean wind energy.

Climate Watch

Jul 30, 2010

Reporter's Notes for Energy Storage: The Holy Grail

Energy storage (through batteries) is something we use everyday in our cell phones and computers. So it may be a little surprising that when it comes to the electric grid, storing energy is something that's rarely done.

Climate Watch

May 21, 2010

Editor's Notes: Race for Renewables

Where did California go wrong? And as other states try to learn from its lessons, does the Golden State have any hope of reaching its next ambitious target - 33 percent renewable by 2020?

Climate Watch

Apr 02, 2010

Squeezing More Energy from the Sun

The good news is that we can probably meet our energy security and greenhouse emissions goals by increasing the efficiency of buildings, transportation, and agriculture and by using commercially available renewable energy technology. But it won’t be cheap.

Climate Watch

Jan 08, 2010

When the Sun Don't Shine and the Wind Don't Blow

In a world energy landscape dominated by coal, gas, oil, and nuclear, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar don't stand a chance if we can't find a way to store energy when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow.

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