Public Insight Network

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Public Insight Network?

The Public Insight Network is a new approach that KQED is incorporating in how we report the news. The Network launched in December 2010. The Network utilizes digital technology and Northern California's diverse communities to widen the range, depth, and impact of the stories we cover. The Public Insight Network was started by American Public Media. When you sign up, you'll be joining approximately 100,000 sources in the National network, which is used by more than 20 news organizations across the country.

How do I sign up?

You are signed up automatically when you answer a query related to a specific story. You can also fill out the online sign up form.

What happens after I sign up?

The information and contact information you provide will be entered into a large database that a very small pool of journalists have access to.

We send out queries to sources in the database. Sometimes we're looking for more information on a specific story. For example, we may be looking for members of the military or residents of Point Richmond. But other times, queries are aimed at deepening our knowledge more generally. In those cases we send out questionnaires to a wider range of sources. In most cases, you won't be contacted more than once a month.

If you provide information that our reporters and producers want to follow-up on, they will call you or email you.

We will never publish or broadcast your comments without your permission.

How do you use the information I provide?

We will use the observations, knowledge, and expertise people provide to inform our news coverage. This may include adding to the stories we already cover as well as letting us know about news that we are missing.

What about my privacy?

Protecting your privacy is paramount to the Public Insight Network. The PIN will never publish or broadcast your comments without your permission. Nor will your contact information ever be used for fundraising purposes.

If you sign up to be a source in the PIN, journalists authorized by American Public Media may contact you via telephone, texting, survey forms, email and social media to ask editorially relevant questions about topics related to their reporting. The Public Insight Network, American Public Media, and KQED are deeply committed to the privacy of sources, and the confidentiality of what they share. Click here for more information about how the PIN works and your privacy rights.

How do I unsubscribe?

Unsubscribing is easy. Simply enter your email here or send an email to If you feel like it, we'd greatly appreciate you telling us why you're leaving the Network, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

What if contact information or other information, like my job, changes?

You can update your Public Insight profile here.