Council Members Call For More Openness in San Jose's Permit Process

Two San Jose council members say their city makes it too tough on small business owners who want to open shop or expand.

CPUC to File Revised PG&E Penalty

The California Public Utilities Commission is set to file a revised penalty proposal Monday for PG&E’s part in the fatal San Bruno gas line explosion.

E.J. Dionne on Republicans' Radical Path from Barry Goldwater to Ted Cruz

After Ted Cruz and Donald Trump won the top two spots in the Iowa Caucus, establishment Republicans are scrambling to regain footing. But in his new book, "Why the Right Went Wrong," Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne writes that it was the GOP itself that opened the door to extreme candidates like Trump and Cruz. For the past half century, he says, the party has pushed ideological far-right agendas to rally the party base, a strategy that has undermined Republicans in office. Forum talks with Dionne about the presidential primary and the GOP's internal struggle that he traces back to Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential bid.

How Iowa Will Reshape the Presidential Race

Iowa voters kicked off the 2016 presidential election yesterday evening, and it was tough night for the political establishment. On the Republican side, Ted Cruz prevailed over Donald Trump, defying the pollsters and pundits. Marco Rubio, who came in a close third to Trump's second, also did better than was anticipated. Meanwhile Democrat Bernie Sanders' supporters are celebrating the Vermont senator's strong showing, after a very narrow loss to Hillary Clinton. Coming up on Forum, we'll dissect last night's Iowa caucus results and look ahead to next week's New Hampshire primary.