San Jose Police Crack Down On Violence

The San Jose Police Department is cracking down on violent crime after the city's 25th homicide this year.

KQED Launches Affordable Care Act Guide

Are you confused about Obamacare? KQED and The California Report created a guide to help answer your questions about the Affordable Care Act.

From Demonic Possession to Neuroimaging, The Eccentric History of Psychiatry

Columbia University psychiatrist Jeffrey Lieberman has spent over 25 years studying the treatment of mental illnesses. In his new book "Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry," he traces the field from its birth as a mystic pseudo-science to its current position as a respected medical field. We talk to the former president of the American Psychiatric Association about how research in neuroscience and genetics is changing the field, and why the stigma surrounding mental illness still impedes treatment.

FDA Approves Clinical Trial for Possible HIV Cure

The FDA has approved a clinical trial for an experimental stem cell therapy that aims to cure HIV patients. Richmond-based Sangamo Biosciences received approval to genetically modify patients' stem cells and return them to their bodies. The field of research has generated tremendous excitement since Timothy Brown, the so-called "Berlin patient," became the first person to be cured of HIV -- he received a bone marrow transplant from someone with a genetic mutation that causes HIV resistance.