San Jose's Pension Cuts Land in Court

A lawsuit challenges Measure B, the city's voter-approved plan to make changes to retirement benefits it previously agreed to in negotiations.

San Jose Gets $200,000 NEA Grant for Downtown Arts District

San Jose is getting a federal grant to create an arts and culture district downtown.

China's Alibaba Plans Record-Breaking IPO in America

China's e-commerce giant Alibaba, which started in an apartment with a pooled collection of $60,000, is expected to make its Wall Street debut raising $24 billion -- even more than when Google and Facebook went public. The company already surpasses eBay in China, with founder Jack Ma looking to take Alibaba's reach global. What would the IPO mean for the Chinese company and its U.S. competitors?

Brown Signs Sick Leave Bill, But Home Health Care Workers Left Out

Beginning next summer, most California employers will be required to give their workers three days of paid sick leave. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill Wednesday in Los Angeles. The law is designed to help low-income employees like dishwashers and childcare providers -- but home health care workers are one notable exception.