One year later
Graphic: One Year Later

There has already been a 39 percent reduction in new state prison admissions. Where are these prisoners going? What happens once they get there?

Realignment Explained

Assembly Bill 109 had the objective of shedding more than 30,000 inmates from in-state prisons and significantly cutting the prison budget.

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Under pressure from the U.S. Supreme Court to reduce prison overcrowding and improve inmate healthcare, California Governor Jerry Brown started transferring authority for nearly 40,000 low-level convicts from state prisons to city and county systems. KQED and the Center for Investigative Reporting examined the impact of these unprecedented and far reaching efforts to overhaul California's prison system.

Prison Break joins a long list of collaborations between KQED, CIR and CIR's California Watch and The Bay Citizen.


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