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About the KQED News Associate Project

KQED News has joined with emerging Bay Area news sites and bloggers to help bring their journalism to new audiences and to broaden our local news coverage. Stories from our News Associates can be read here on or heard on KQED Public Radio newscasts. You can also go directly to their websites or blogs to learn about their coverage of cities, neighborhoods or communities of interest.

Behind the scenes, News Associates receive training in audio production, radio broadcasting, and other journalism tools and participate in networking opportunities. Together, we're learning how today's news organizations can collaborate to better serve both our respective news audiences and the Bay Area public at large.

This project was made possible by a grant from the Networked Journalism program at J-Lab, a center focused on innovations in journalism at the American University School of Communication. Networked Journalism partners traditional news organizations with local news sites, bloggers and producers to gather ideas and lessons for successful collaborations.

News Associates:

How to Contact Us:

To learn about becoming a News Associate please contact Community News Coordinator Katrina Schwartz at

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