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Thank you for your interest in KQED's television program Check, Please! Bay Area; the weekly restaurant review series in which Bay Area residents, just like you, share dining-out experiences in a lively roundtable discussion. We are now interviewing potential guests for our next series.

If you would like to tell the Bay Area about your favorite local eatery (restaurant, supper club, diner, lunch cafe, dive, hole-in-the-wall, stand, etc.) on Check Please! Bay Area, go ahead and complete the form below.

Please note that in order to appear on the show, you must be at least 21 years old, and be willing to travel to and participate in a taping at KQED studios in San Francisco. The taping will take place on a weekday and last a few hours. If you are chosen to be a guest on the second season of Check, Please! Bay Area, you must also be able to get to the KQED studio at your own expense, and to travel to any restaurant location within a 50-mile radius of San Francisco.

Remember, the more expressive and detailed you are on this form, the more likely it is you'll be considered as a guest.

We love hearing about those restaurants that are off the beaten path -- the more interesting the locale or cuisine, the better.

Thank you and good luck.

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If selected, you will be required to visit and review two other Bay Area restaurants as part of the show. Are you willing and able to travel within a 50-mile radius of San Francisco?
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Write a detailed description of your experience at of ONE of the three Bay Area restaurants you listed above. This restaurant will likely be the one you and the other guests will review for the program. To ensure you don't lose your copy it is a good idea to write your review in a text editor, save it, and then paste it into the form field. (maximum 3500 characters w/spaces)
The restaurant description you submit might qualify for use on our website,, even if you are not selected to participate in the show.

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