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Jacques Pépin: Heart & Soul – Jacques' Final Cooking Series Begins Production at KQED
Starting in October 2014, KQED will begin production on Jacques Pépin's final TV cooking series, Jacques Pépin: Heart & Soul. Bay Area Bites will be sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the production process and will also be a source of information about Jacques' local Bay Area events. The 26-episode series is set to broadcast on KQED and other PBS stations in fall of 2015.

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Read the story of how Julia Child met Jacques Pépin at KQED's Bay Area Bites.

You can help Julia Child and Jacques Pepin make a Caesar Salad in this fun interactive.

Watch Jacques Pépin's centennial celebration tribute video to Julia Child.


Jacques Pépin's latest series Essential Pépin premiered on KQED TV October 15, 2011. Check your local PBS station for airtimes.

On April 2, 2012, "Essential Pépin" won the IACP Award for TV Series in the New Media & Broadcast Category. Jacques also won an IACP Culinary Classic Book Award for "La Technique: An Illustrated Guide to the Fundamental Techniques of Cooking."

Watch a preview of "Essential Pépin"

Jacques Pépin Program Websites

Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way

This sumptuous series is bursting with Jacques' easy home-cooked meals. This time around, our favorite French chef reaches for pantry items and supermarket staples to whip up delectable dishes for every occasion and appetite. Website highlights: 26 viewable episodes, 53 downloadable recipes, behind-the-scenes slideshow.

Jacques Pépin: Fast Food My Way

In this cooking show, Jacques presents quick and recipes that satisfy today's busy lifestyle. Teaching the best of everyday cooking, Jacques concocts dishes that range from simple dinners to elegant entertaining. Website highlights: Recipes available in 8 step-by-step slideshows, 26 viewable videos, and 26 printable versions; interactive studio kitchen; behind-the-scenes slideshow.

The Complete Pépin

The Complete Pépin is a new twist on Jacques' 1997 hit series, Jacques Pépin Cooking Techniques. Throughout the series, viewers learn the basics of everything from choosing and maintaining essential cooking equipment to easy and fun ways to embellish your dishes. Website highlight: 49 downloadable recipes.

Jacques Pépin: The Apprentice — Then and Now

Jacques Pépin has led a fascinating and food-filled life, and in this public television special, the charismatic French chef discusses the changes he's observed taking place in our culinary landscape over the past half-century. Pulling delicious anecdotes from his own life and evolution as a chef, Jacques gives viewers an expansive view on how our shopping, cooking, and culinary training has transformed over the years. Website highlight: Historic timeline of Jacques' life, complete with personal photos and quotes from his best-selling autobiography.

Jacques Pépin Celebrates!

Jacques Pépin believes that every meal is a celebration and his delight in creating spectacular offerings for family and friends is contagious in this captivating show. While sharing the secrets of meals Jacques has prepared over the years for all manner of special occasions and holidays, Jacques and his daughter Claudine address how to plan, shop, prepare, and decorate for fantastic feasts to share with friends and family. Website highlights: 9 step-by-step technique slideshows, 13 seasonally-influenced menus with Claudine's wine pairings, 13 printable recipes.

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Jacques Pépin Timeline

Jacques Pepin as a baby chef

Experience an interactive timeline of Jacques' life based on his autobiography, The Apprentice.