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Meet the KQED App. We built it with your need-to-know, on-the-go lifestyle in mind. It's the best of KQED Public Radio, Television, and KQED.org content — in an easy to use format.

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KQED App overview:

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  • A pocket-size Michelle Norris (Alright, we just made that part up. But we'll see what we can do)

Download the KQED App for iPhone from the App Store, or the Android version from Google Play »

KQED iPhone App on the App Store KQED Android App on Google Play

And for those of you who don't already support KQED, remember there's no such thing as a free lunch — err, a free app — so please think about contributing to support further technological and editorial developments.

We are proud to have partnered with Public Radio Exchange (PRX), which develops innovative apps for public media.

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How do I access the Pledge-Free Stream over my smartphone?

Please note: you cannot access the Pledge-Free Stream via the KQED app, due to authentication issues.

If you've already submitted your donation for the Pledge-Free Stream, then point your browser to kqed.org/pfs. Use the log-in credentials you received in your confirmation email (the email address you used when donating and the unique access code provided) and log in at the top right area of the page. Once you've logged in, you'll be taken directly to the Pledge-Free Stream where you just click on the "play" button and start listening!

If you haven't donated for the Pledge-Free Stream yet, just point your mobile browser to kqed.org/donate and select the Pledge-Free Stream thank-you gift. Once your donation is complete, you'll receive an online confirmation page with a button that will take you directly to the Pledge-Free Stream, where you'll be logged in automatically.

iPhone Users: If you're using Safari, you should know that we've identified a bug in Safari in iOS 5, in which cookie settings revert to "never" even if you've previously specified allowing cookies. The Pledge-Free Stream relies on cookies for its authentication, so try re-enabling them and reentering the Pledge-Free Stream credentials:
Settings > Safari > Accept cookies (set to "from visited" or "always"; "from visited" is more secure)

Then open Safari to kqed.org/pfs and try again.

Android/Blackberry Users: We have gotten reports during the Fall 2012 Drive about difficulties getting the Pledge-Free Stream to work on recent-model Androids and Blackberries on which Flash is not pre-installed. You may need to download Flash from Google Play if you cannot get the HTML5 version of the stream to work.

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Drought Watch 2015: Record-Low Sierra Snowpack

The Sierra Nevada snowpack, which typically supplies nearly a third of California's water, is showing the lowest water content on record: 6 percent of the long-term average for April 1. That shatters last year's low-water mark of 25 percent (tied with 1977).

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"Boomtown" History of the San Francisco Bay Area

KQED's "Boomtown" series will seek to identify what is happening in real time in the current boom, and also draw out the causes and possible solutions to the conflicts and pressures between the old and the new.

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