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KQED App for iPhone or Android

Listen to KQED wherever you go! Use the KQED mobile app to stream live radio, listen to podcasts, and watch many of our TV programs. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

Have feedback about either our iPhone or Android app? Found a bug? We want to hear from you!

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Let's Get Lost for iPhone, iPad, and Android Phones

Get off the beaten path and dig into the Bay Area's hidden historic, cultural and natural gems with Let's Get Lost, KQED's interactive walking tour app for the adventurous! The first tours explore some of the most astonishing murals created as part of the New Deal. Find out where to go and unlock the hidden meanings and history of these politically-engaged and beautiful public works of art.

NPR News for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

NPR News is the ultimate portable NPR experience for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Follow local and national news, and listen to KQED wherever you are and whenever you want to—and if you have an iPad, be sure to download the award-winning NPR for iPad app.

Public Radio Player for iPhone and iPod Touch

Get the new and improved Public Radio Player app for iPhone. You'll find it has a shiny, new look and interface design, dramatically better etter audio performance, KQED station news and tweets, the new ability to listen to program episodes without an internet connection, and the new feature Public Radio Remix: a 24/7 stream of stories.


KQED Mobile

When browsing the web from a mobile device such as a cell phone, Blackberry or iPhone, visit kqednews.org to browse our latest news coverage. If your device is equipped with a media player, you can even listen to live streaming audio of KQED Public Radio.


NPR Mobile From KQED

NPR Mobile from KQED is a partnership between NPR and KQED Radio to bring news and features from both NPR and KQED to users of mobile phones and other devices. NPR mobile consists of two new services: NPR Mobile Voice, and NPR Mobile Web.

NPR Mobile Voice allows listeners to make a simple phone call, access a menu of listening choices including NPR and KQED programming, and listen to the audio from any phone (landline or mobile). NPR Mobile Web brings text, audio, and pictures directly to users through a Web site optimized for delivery to mobile phones and other mobile devices. Point your mobile Web browser to the mobile Web address below, or simply dial the mobile voice number.

NPR Mobile Web

Access NPR and KQED news and features via your phone's mobile Web browser.

Requirements: Phone/PDA with a mobile Web browser and subscription to a data plan through your carrier.

Cost: Neither NPR nor KQED charges for this service. Data usage charges depend on the calling/data plan you have with your carrier, and listening to audio via click-to-call links uses voice/calling plan minutes. Any SMS charges are at your standard text messaging rate.

Mobile Web Address: http://kqed.npr.org (URL redirects unless viewed on a mobile device)

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