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Debate Team

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Debate Team explores the strange subculture of competitive college debate. Competitors battle at 360 words per minute, hauling around mountains of evidence, and nearly every debate ends in global nuclear annihilation.

But back in 1969, debates were slower, more theatrical, and less technical. At the 1969 National Championship, a debate team from Harvard prevailed over the University of Houston. And Michael Miller from the Houston team has never been able to let go of that defeat. Miller, now a retired lawyer, discusses his life-long obsession with debate, his suicidal ideation, his ruined romances, and the self-hate borne of the loss to Harvard 37 years earlier.

In 2005, some 200 teams converged on San Francisco State to compete in the National Championship. Debate Team follows four teams: Michigan State, Harvard, West Georgia, and Berkeley. As the competitors are slowly eliminated, we are left wondering who will find themselves inheriting Miller's legacy. What emerges is not simply a chronicle of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but an examination into the nature of competition itself and the American fetish with championships and champions.

[Original air date: Sun, Jul 19, 2009]

This program is not currently scheduled for broadcast.

Filmmaker Profiles:

B. Douglas Robbins

Read more about B. Douglas Robbins, filmmaker of Debate Team.

Joseph Walling

Read more about Joseph W. Walling, filmmaker of Debate Team.


Debate Team: Crew & Credits

Edited, Produced, and Directed by
B. Douglas Robbins

Producer and Director of Photography
Joseph W. Walling

Original Music by
Ian M. Gray
Josh Seidenfeld

Additional Music by
John Kusiak

Associate Producers
Erin I. Robbins
Heather Boshears
Louisa Hufstader

Greg Achten
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Matt Vega
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Kristina Whalen
Shawn Whalen
Craig Wickersham
Ravenna Wilson
and Erin I. Robbins as the Big Board Girl

Special Appreciation to Those from the Debate Community
Filmed But Not Featured

Margaret K. Berthiaume
Joshua K. Boggs
Sam Bolgert
Jamie Carroll
Noah Chestnut
Kelly Congdon
Scott Deatherage
Sarah Doran
Steven Andrew Ellis
Cody Forrester
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Shake Master
Joe W. Walling

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Patrick McKowen

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Darek Defreece
Jonathan Hersey

Post-Prodution Sound
Berkeley Sound Artists
James LeBrecht
Patti Tauscher
Alex Wilmer

Video Transfer
Rough House Editorial

Legal Counsel
Courtesy of the Stanford Law School's Fair Use Project
Anthony Falzone, Esq.
Julie Ahrens, Esq.
Brandy Karl, Esq.

Damon Tribble
M. Tucker Bradford

3D Party Media Courtesy of
20th Century Fox Film Corp.
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Patrons of the Arts
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Anjali Vats

Grateful Acknowledgements
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The Cross Examination Debate Association
The L.A. Final Cut Pro User's Group (LAFCPUG)
One Post Street
Joel Perwin
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David Seikel
Spartan Debate Institute at Michigan State University

Our Critics
Debra Allison
Ethan Allison
M. Tucker Bradford
Rebecca Cate
Martin Cate
Christine Karscig
Greg Land
Jay McGowan
JP McGowan
Linda McGowan
Tim Norberg
Jamie Viviano
Susanna Youree
Hal Zawacki

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