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In the late 1960s and early 1970s, San Francisco was the vortex of America's counter-culture movement. Just over the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, another movement was under way. The kids there would shake up a 100 year old American industry, within a decade creating a worldwide phenomenon.

Long before the mountain bike entered our global consciousness, the cycling enthusiasts of Marin rode modified pre-WWII bicycles down the slopes of Mount Tamalpais. They developed their bikes through rigorous field-testing, often risking lives and limbs to do so. Only the strongest, heaviest parts could withstand the abuse that Mount Tam dished out.

Some were Category-1 road racers looking for a new way to cross-train during the off-season. Others were simply fun-loving hippies, checking out a new way to commune with nature. They had little in common, except for the bikes they rode and the Bay Area music scene that, like the trails on Mt. Tam, surrounded them.

The pioneer's bikes were scavenged from dumpsters and junkyards, sometimes adapting motorcycle parts to suit their needs. It was from these humble beginnings that a billion dollar industry, a new form of recreation for the masses, and an Olympic event, were born. These hefty steeds were affectionately known as "klunkerz."

Using archival footage, still photographs, and interviews, Klunkerz tells the story of the earliest days of the sport from those who were there. Some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as some more obscure characters, recount the people and events that gave birth to the modern mountain bike.

[Original air date: Sun, Jun 28, 2009]

This program is not currently scheduled for broadcast.

Filmmaker Profiles:

Billy Savage

Read more about Billy Savage, filmmaker of Klunkerz.


Klunkerz: Crew & Credits

Produced and Directed by
Billy Savage

Edited by
Jeffrey Abelson

Written by
William B. Savage

Co-Written by
Jeffrey Abelson

Director of Photography
Glenn Evans

Billy Savage

Alan Bonds
Joe Breeze
Bob Burrowes
Wende Cragg
Carter Cox
Tom Cox
Charlie Cunnningham
Gary Fisher
Otis Guy
Charlie Kelly
Chris Lang
Russ Mahon
James Mc Lean
J@quie Phelan
Steve Potts
Tom Ritchey John Finley Scott
Mike Sinyard
Tom "Eli" Slifka
Robert Stewart
Fred Wolf

Todd Beeson
Johnny Callahan
Robert Craft
Tom Cookson
Anthony Durbin
Kevin Krueger
Harry Harris
Lyle Slocome

Original Animations
Kevin Coffey
Cartoonland Animation
Six Foot Two Productions

Titles and Graphics
James Logan

Location Sound
Claudia Katayanagi

Additional Sound
Bill Strickland

Second Unit Camera
Billy Savage

Additional Camera
Silvan Morgan

Music Supervisor
William B. Savage

Visual Effects
James Logan

William Nealy

Repack Posters
Pete "Blast" Barrett

Recording Facility
F.A.U.P. Studios Santa Monica, CA

Principal Photographic Archives
Courtesy of Rolling Dinosaur Archives

Additional Photographic Archives Courtesy of
Joe Breeze
Gary Fisher
Tom Ritchie
Bob Burrowes
Mike Sinyard
Jeff Archer (First Flight Bikes)
Robert Kraft
Bob Klock
John Borzini
Russ Mahon
Eric Lafferty (Old Mountain Bikes)
Geoffrey M. Halaburt
Craig Manck
Jerry Riboli
Alan Bonds
Markham Johnson
Walter Spencer
Vance Sprock (Cupertino Bike Shop)

Principal Film Footage Archive (Off-Road)
Ray Flores

Additional Film Footage Archives (Off-Road)
Russ Mahon Carter Cox
Dannie Nall
Tom Hilliard

Principal Film Footage (Road)
Mush Emmons (Phantomatic Bikes)

Stock Footage Provided by
Moviecraft, Inc.
Absolutely Archives
Elite Video

Telecine Facilities
The Transfer Station
Yale Film and Video

On-Line Facility
TEDS (Telecine Edit Design Services) Los Angeles

On-Line Editor
Jason Weichelt

Bicycle Consultants
Alan Bonds
Joe Breeze
Rudy "The Grand Wazoo" Contratti

Production Offices
The Wilshire Courtyard

The Law Offices of Stuart L. Carroll

Cameras and Lenses Provided by
Pro-Cam (Burbank, CA)

Special Thanks to
Fairfax, CA and all the people who live there, Richard and Esther Shapiro, Peter Alexander, APLE Shirts, Rudy "The Grand Wazoo" Contratti, Breezer Bikes, Ritchey Logic, Gary Fisher Bicycles, Specialized Bicycles, Wilderness Trail Bikes, Shimano USA, Steve Potts Bicycles, The Marin Bicycle Coalition, Safe Routes to Schools, Trips for Kids, The Marin Historical Society, The Re-Cyclery, Fairfax Cyclery, Sunshine Bicycles, Gravy Wheels, Manny's Bike Shop, Palms Cyclery, I. Martin Imports, Dirt Rag, Michael Brown, The Sons of Champlin, Jeff Brown, Dustin Brady, Kim Baenisch, Marilyn Price, Paul Stanford, Brian Verner, Brendt Barbour, Bob Sehlinger, Chris Ruedy, Jory Prum, Ariadnye Scott, Keven Krueger, Hal Muscat, Joan Ardis Savage, Florie Savage, Isabella Savage, Wiliam Savage Sr. (1931-2005), and Joan Ardis Fleming (1933-2006).

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