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Pikyáv (to fix it)

For centuries the Karuk fished, gathered food, and made medicine in the fertile watershed of the Klamath River. Contact with European Americans and their zeal for resource extraction nearly eliminated California native peoples, leaving only a handful of Karuk families on their land. Despite efforts to suppress them, Karuk traditions were carefully passed from one generation to the next. Today these traditions are hampered by governmental policies that rarely take into consideration the native view, or their historical role as land managers. As the Karuk people slowly return, the struggle to reclaim the physical and cultural landscape becomes their greatest challenge -- to heal the landscape as well as the people who call it their home.

To purchase a DVD contact Andrew Chambers at or write: P. O. Box 134, Midpines CA 95345

[Original air date: Sun, Nov 18, 2007]

This program is not currently scheduled for broadcast.

Filmmaker Profiles:

Andrew Chambers

Read more about Andrew Chambers, director/producer of Pikyav (to fix it).

Pikyáv (to fix it): Crew & Credits

Produced and Directed by
Andrew Chambers

Edited by
Chris Zeller

Additional Editing
Tony Radanovich

Camera & Sound
Andrew Chambers

Sound Mixing
Adam King

Online Editor
Shirley Gutierrez

Associate Producer
Laura Phillips

Production Assistants
April Conrad Gayle
Chook Chook Hillman

Leaf Hillman
Ronnie Reed
Ronnie Pierce
Norman Goodwin
Grant Hillman
Frank Lake
Harold Tripp
Kathy McCovey
Laverne Glaze
Verna Reese
Jeanerette Jacups-Johnnie
Gary Risling
Josephine Peters

Opening recitation spoken by "Auntie" Violet Super with assistance from Jim Ferrara from "Tobacco Among The Karuk Indians of California", as originally spoken by Phoebe Maddux and recorded by J.P. Harrington. (Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.) 1932

Inspiration, Love, and Support
Alison Colwell
Kathryn Chambers
Chris Chambers
Janet Smith
Barbara Dunn
Michael Waterhouse
Robert & Sidney Knisel
Sabina Sonneman
Michael Morville
Ewa Wojciak
Dale & Gloria Shostrum
Kelly Helstrom
Mark Johnston
Barbara Rhodes
Jackie Stewart
Chris Daugherty
Jan Stadtlander
William Kerwin
R-lene & Gordon deLang
Kathy Broyles
Jim Ferrara
Carole Martin

Special Thanks
Edie Butler and Joan Berman
Humboldt State University Library Special Collections
Chris Peters, Seventh Generation Fund
Sandi Tripp, Karuk Department of Natural Resources
Laurel Peña
Leaf Hillman
Karuk Tribe of California

(in order of appearance)
Thunder Bob, Chook Chook Hillman
Rabbit Brink
Dory Marshall
Rabbit Brink
Leaf Hillman
Rabbit Brink
Gary Risling
Leaf Hillman
Rabbit Brink
Stormy Rojas

And Charlie Tom's performance of "Coyote Gives Acorns and Salmon to Mankind"

Produced in Association with KQED Public Television.
C. Buried Star Productions

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