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Emile Norman: By His Own Design

Editor's note: Emile Norman passed away on September 24, 2009.

Emile Norman -- By His Own Design is a portrait of the self-taught California artist, Emile Norman. Born in 1918, Norman worked with a passion for life, art, nature, and freedom that inspired him through seven decades of a changing art scene and turbulent times for a gay man in America.

The film tells the story of Norman's independent spirit: how it developed from his early days on a ranch in the San Gabriel Valley; brought him success in New York City in the 1940s and 50s; and gave him the confidence to leave the New York art scene and find freedom in Big Sur where he and Brooks Clement, his partner of 30 years, built a house and created a haven for a circle of friends.

[Original air date: Sun, Oct 15, 2006]

This program is not currently scheduled for broadcast.

Filmmaker Profiles:

Jill Eikenberry

Read more about Jill Eikenberry, co-producer of Emile Norman: By His Own Design.

Will Parrinello

Read more about Will Parrinello, director/co-producer of Emile Norman: By His Own Design.

Michael Tucker

Read more about Michael Tucker, co-producer of Emile Norman: By His Own Design.


Emile Norman: Crew & Credits

Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker

Will Parrinello

Mary Lampson

Michael Friedman

Directors of Photography
Will Parrinello
Andrew Black
Jim Iacona

Contributing Producer
Mary Ellen Klee

Consulting Producer
Tom Corwin

Associate Producer
Su Kim

Doris Baizley

Sound Recordists
Andy Black
David Wendlinger
Steven Ballick
Will Wander

Jim Iacona
Philip Sorensen

Assistant Editors
Brad Kimbrough
Quinn Costello
Christine Park

Photo Animation
Ralph Petrie

Graphic Design
Kara Adanalian
Acme Graphics

On-Line Editor/Colorist
Shirley Gutierrez

Sound Supervisor
Deborah Wallach

Re-Recording Mixer
Tony Volante
Sound Lounge

Additional Audio Post
Paul Zahnley, C.A.S.
Disher Music & Sound

Additional Photography
Big Sur - Jeffrey Mallory
Italy - Tom Corwin

Still Photography
Jeffrey Mallory

Production Assistant
Bob Proctor

Off Line Edit Facilities
Mill Valley Film Group
Radical Avid

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"My Buddy"
Performed by Frank Sinatra & Harry James and His Orchestra
Written by Walter Donaldson, Gus Kahn
courtesy of Columbia Records/ Sony BMG

Fiscal Sponsor
Health, Education and Videotape, Inc.

Rob Epstein
Jeffrey Friedman
Robert Hawk
Gail Silva

Major Funding
Union Bank Of California
Wells Fargo Bank
The Emile Norman Charitable Trust
LEF Foundation
Community Foundation for Monterey County

Individual Donors
Jo and Jerry Barton
Marilyn Bogart
T.J. and Debbie Day
Drs. June Dunbar and John Philips
Steve Eimer and Kevin Cartwright
Monique Gardiner
John Howard and Lorna Brett Howard
Bob Getchell and Ross Hirshorn
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Special Thanks
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Carmel Bach Festival
Deetjen's Big Sur Inn
Glen Oaks Motel
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KQED-TV, Jeff Clarke, John L. Boland,
Sue Ellen McCann, Rachel Raney, and Louise Lo
Peter Takeuchi
Bill and Laura Stahl
Pam Moscow
and Chanticleer

Very Special Thanks
Jeffrey Mallory, C. Kevin Smith and Mary the Cat (1988-2005)

Produced in association with KQED Public Television

Supported by The Independent Feature Project Market (IFP)

Emile Norman: By His Own Design is a production of The Emile Norman Documentary Project which is solely responsible for its content.

c. 2006 The Emile Norman Documentary Project
All Rights Reserved

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