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Rena Bransten Gallery

View April 2009 Gallery Crawl video of Rena Bransten Gallery's concurrent exhibitions Dark Mirror and Foreign Relations.

Originally focusing on ceramic sculpture by California artists, the Rena Bransten Gallery has expanded to include contemporary photography, paintings, sculpture, video, and conceptual works by national and international emerging and established artists. The gallery's stable includes sculptor Ruth Asawa (who has an entire room at the de Young Museum dedicated to her work), the late ceramist Viola Frey, painter Hung Liu, John Waters (yes, that John Waters), and photographer Henry Wessel (who had a retrospective at SFMOMA in 2007).

In April 2009, the gallery opened Dark Mirror and Foreign Relations, two solo exhibitions featuring local artists Marci Washington and Tara Tucker.

Marci Washington illustrates a haunting, imagined narrative, a story of cannibalism and vampirism that quietly allegorizes deeply-rooted problems of Capitalism. Her searing paintings are partly inspired by her combination of interests in fashion photography and dark, scary stories.

Tara Tucker uses animal imagery to dictate her views on political turmoil. Raised by a taxidermist mother, Tucker has spent many years perfecting her drawings of animals and recently used recycled materials to create a large hooked rug, a traditional American craft. Her time-consuming projects are fueled by a voracious appetite for intricate detail and a heavy diet of bad TV.

Dark Mirror and Foreign Relations are on view through May 16th, 2009.

Where: 77 Geary St., San Francisco, CA
Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:30 - 5:30, Saturday 11 - 5
Phone: (415) 982-3292

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