Cool as Hell Theatre

Mark McGoldrick, a paralyzed lawyer, performs his one-man play Countercoup.

Mark is not afraid to get down. He is an edgy guy in a wheel chair, his legs paralyzed. But don't let the wheel chair fool you. He is not afraid of a fight. Listen in as your host, Michael Rice, sees if he can push Mark to reveal the juicy details about COUNTERCOUP.

Mark McGoldrick was a hellion teenager who ended up in a wheelchair after a horrendous car accident when he was 17. He got his act together, went to Harvard Law School and, re-channeling his anti-authoritarian instincts, became a public defender in Oakland -- and has been one since 1994. He must still like living on the edge a bit. How else to explain his well-received side career as a solo performer? In Countercoup, McGoldrick is actually telling the story of his accident for the first time. Theres some tough stuff in the piece, but it's also funny, absurdist, rhythmic, and really interesting.


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