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Kottie Paloma

Book #3 in Kottie Paloma's "Books on Tape" series, The Immense Complexities of Love captures the brief history of a relationship. (Running Time: 2:19)

NOTE:View an enhanced version of this episode. You can also download this file and open in iTunes. Illustrations appear as "album art."

I was raised in Huntington Beach, Ca. I grew up one mile from the beach. I hate beach culture. It disgusts me! In 1996 I moved to San Francisco to work as a serious artist. It was difficult for me to make art in Southern California. The weather was always too nice and my mind was constantly distracted by all the pretty girls! In the eleven years I have been in San Francisco, I have had twelve different houses. I currently live in the worst part of the city -- 6th and Market, right next to the hotel that Robert Crumb's brother lives in! Sometimes he waves a stick at me and gives me dirty looks!

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