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Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Ingrid Rojas Contreras is Colombian, but she lives in San Francisco with her books. You can find her fiction and non-fiction in American Odysseys: Writings by New Americans; Wise Latinas; F Magazine; and Make: a Chicago Literary Magazine, among others. An early draft of her debut novel, Niebla, was shortlisted for the Amazon/Penguin Breakthrough Novel Award. Currently, she is working on a non-fiction book about her grandfather, a medicine man who could move clouds, and a sister project: The Real Magical-realism Archive, a collection of oral histories about everyday occurrences with supernatural twists. She is the recipient of awards and residencies from the San Francisco Arts Commission, NALAC, Djerassi Residents Artists Program, Sandra Cisneros' Macondo Foundation, and the Bread Loaf Writer's Conference.

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